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General Regulations

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Special Waters

Bait Lures

Fishing the Waterways of the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Blue Ridge Parkway Fly Fishing Report Archive
Anglers Fly Fishing the New River

There are numerous water sources for fishing along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Streams and lakes on the Parkway are gamefish waters for which Federal Regulations set forth in Title 36, Sections 2.3 and 7.34(b) of the Code of Federal Regulations are in effect.

General Regulations

Fishing without a valid state fishing license issued by either Virginia or North Carolina is prohibited. (A license issued by either state is valid on all Parkway waters. No special trout fishing stamp or license required).

The fishing season and hours shall conform to those established by the State except that fishing is prohibited one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise on all Parkway waters.

Creel and Size Limits
In general waters, creel and size limits shall conform to those established by the State. Limits for "Special Waters" are posted at each lake shore or stream bank.

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Special Waters

"Special Waters" in Virginia

"Special Waters" in North Carolina

  • Mill Creek
  • Abbott Lake
  • Little Stoney Creek
  • Otter Lake and Creek
  • Rock Castle Creek
  • Little Rock Castle Creek
  • Chestnut Creek
  • Trout Lake
  • Upper Boone Fork
    (upstream from Price Lake)
  • Lower Boone Fork
  • Cold Prong Branch
  • Laurel Creek
  • Sims Pond and Creek
  • Camp Creek

Other Water Designations

All trout caught in Chestnut Creek and Lower Boone Creek must be released.

Fishing is not permitted from the dam at Price Lake, from the footbridge in the Price Park picnic area or from the James River Bridge.

Bee Tree Creek, a tributary of Boone Fork, is closed for research purpose.

Bait Lures

General Waters:

The possession or use of live or dead fish, amphibians or nonpreserved fish eggs is prohibited while on or along any Parkway water.

Digging for natural bait on Parkway land is prohibiited.

Use of bait, other than listed above, on waters classified as "General Waters" shall conform to regulations established by the state.

Special Waters:

The possession or use as bait of insects, worms, live or dead fish or fish parts, or other organic bait is prohibited while adjacent to, on or in streams or lakes classified as "Special Waters."


Fishing lures are limited to single-hook artificial lures.

North Carolina:

Fishing lures are limited to single-hook artificial lures in all "Special Waters" with the following exceptions: in Basin Creek and its tributaries and Lower Boone Fork from Price Lake Dam downstream to the Parkway boundary, the use of lures other than single-hook artificial flies is prohibited.

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