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Visitor Centers



Virtual Tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Valle Crucis Log Cabin Rentals along the Blue Ridge Parkway Welcome to Virtual Blue Ridge's tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This tour contains many pages of information, each incorporating video, panoramic images, sound and text. Please enjoy our tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway... but remember, nothing beats seeing the real thing on a leisurely visit to the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia!

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The Blue Ridge Parkway has over 200 overlooks. They offer scenic vistas, trailhead access points, picnic tables, interpretive signage, trash cans and areas to stretch your legs.

The bulk of the Blue Ridge Parkway lands are it's 12 parks and recreation areas. These parks contain the majority of the trails and activities available along the parkway.

There are over 117 trails with miles upon miles of explorable terrain. There are trails ranging from leisurely strolls to hikes only the experienced should attempt.

Visitor Centers
Visitor Centers
The visitor centers offer the most information on the Blue Ridge Parkway. At the visitor centers, you can inquire about questions you may have on your journey. This is also where you can pick up guidebooks and maps as you travel.

The future for the Virtual Blue Ridge project will bring additional content including new photos, 360° panoramas, movies and audio voice-overs. This is a project that is worked on daily and we look forward to a future of providing the best information and resources for the Blue Ridge Parkway.

You may also enjoy our Photo Journal and Blue Ridge Parkway Information pages.


  • Spans the entire 469.1 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Over 200 Overlooks with Descriptions and 360° Panoramic images
  • 13 Visitor Centers with Multi-node Tours and Descriptions
  • 12 Parks and Recreation Areas Highlighted
  • 117 Trails with Descriptions, Lengths and Difficulty Ratings
  • It's FREE!!!



This Parkway tour would not be possible were it not for our friends, partners and, most importantly, our dedicated employees. We would like to extend the utmost of gratitude to each and every one of these special people, companies and organizations.

Our Patrons. We would like to begin by thanking each and every one of the visitors to this web site. Without your need for the information that we provide, their would be no use for this valuable resource. Thank you all so much for visiting our site and sharing the input with us to better our project on a daily basis.

Joe Veler, Founder & CEO. Virtual Blue Ridge is the creation and dream of our founder, Joe Veler. Joe worked at Appalachian State University as a computer programmer and media specialist developing a virtual tour of the old Belk Library, Farthing Auditorium and the Plemmons Student Union. In 2000, he decided to take on the challenge of completing a similar virtual tour for the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. Joe's dedication is what has kept this project alive for over 10 years. Many thanks to Joe for his ideas, abilities and dedication.

James M. Davis, Photographer. Marty was a member of the Virtual Blue Ridge team from 2000 through 2008 and was responsible for many of the photographs taken for our virtual tour. He is also responsible for most of the photos that are found in our Photo Journal through 2006. Many thanks to Marty for his willingness to stay on the Parkway for days at a time. He enjoyed every minute of it!

Menasha Ridge Press. Menasha Ridge Press publishes several books on the Blue Ridge Parkway that are available in the Books section of our online store. Several snippets of their books find their way into the descriptions in our Blue Ridge Parkway Tour. Many thanks to Menasha Ridge Press and their offering of content to make our web site and this virtual tour the premier resource for the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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