E.B. Jeffress Park & The Cascades


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E.B. Jeffress Park is a notable area of the Blue Ridge Parkway because of its stunning location. Falls Creek easily glides along the edges of the trails until it reaches the Cascades Falls, a high, pounding waterfall that descends sharply down a steep cliffside. Two overlooks to view the falls are at the bottom of a half-mile loop trail, which is also maintained as an interpretive trail for Blue Ridge Mountain tree species. E.B. Jeffress is named in honor of the man who worked successfully to convince the federal government to position the Blue Ridge Parkway on its current route.

The park is named in honor of the 1934 chairman of the state highway commission, who worked to persuade the federal government to place the Blue Ridge Parkway at its present location. A picnic area and hiking trails fill the park’s 600 acres.

Cascades Nature Trail

Cascade Falls, also called “The Cascades,” is a waterfall located on Falls Creek. It begins with a small free-fall before cascading and sliding down the rock face. The water here eventually ends up in the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir and the Yadkin River. Like many other falls in the northern North Carolina Mountains, the falls are high, but limited in water.

The easy-to-moderate loop trail begins at the north end of the parking area for a total loop of approximately 0.8 mile. The trail, which includes educational material concerning local wildflowers and other plants, such as mountain laurel, descends 50 feet to an upper overlook and another 200 feet to a lower overlook. The upper overlook allows the visitors to see approximately 20 feet of cascades above the overlook and a long slide below the overlook. The lower overlook allows a different view of the slide.