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From beginning to end, the Blue Ridge Parkway’s most important asset is its pristine state. This makes it one of the most heavily traveled scenic byways in the country. Fortunately, for those wishing to settle in the Blue Ridge Mountains, real estate along the Blue Ridge Parkway can bring you closer to the joy the parkway has to offer without invading the natural beauty of its landscape.

It is our intent to provide you with information on Blue Ridge Mountain property. We hope to provide pertinent information about the particular features of each area of our mountain regions. This includes elevations, terrain descriptions, historical sites and recreational opportunities. We will also consistently provide suggestions on how to both enjoy and preserve the natural beauty of this incredible land.

By partnering with “green” real estate professionals-including realtors, builders, developers and log cabin companies-we hope to encourage the best possible harmony between development and nature. We recognize that while development is inevitable it is also possible to have an earth-friendly footprint. If you decide to become a neighbor, you will discover that mountain living is a unique way of life. Please celebrate the pristine beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountain area by committing to work with good land stewards that are dedicated to helping you leave a positive lasting footprint.

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Buying Real Estate Land Near the Blue Ridge Parkway

When developing land near the Blue Ridge Parkway, please consider creating a green-minded land use plan.. Create a plan that employs some of the many preservations techniques available to assist you in preserving the features of the land that motivated you to come and live here. Some things you may consider in your land use plan would be as follows:

  • Proper environmental studies to establish low impact guidelines for your home.
  • An adequate and effective sewer system that will correctly filter all waste into the ground.
  • An adequate conservation based water system that would maintain proper water flow and supply
  • Implementation of effective water collection system to efficiently collect and store water for later use.
  • Implementation of an effective water recollection system to safely reuse our precious water resources
  • Proven water erosion and drainage guidelines to ensure correct water runoff

As a good land steward, please consider the use of conservation trusts and similar instruments to permanently preserve some of the great real estate you have purchased. The future of the land is in your hands! You can enjoy the beauty and energy of the land, conserve that beauty and energy for future generations and even receive possible tax breaks for doing so. The immense personal rewards for being a good land steward are life-long and the benefits of your deed are for eternity.

These are just some things you may consider in your land use plan. There are so many things you can do to lower your impact on your piece of this earth. Some alternatives to creating your own land use plan would be to hire a land planning consultant to give you guidelines and help you through the process or to purchase land in a development already using green minded amenities. There are a growing number of eco-friendly developments throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains from which to choose.

The Blue Ridge Dream :: Owning a Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains

We are proponents of log cabin construction in the Blue Ridge Parkway area. Log cabin homes are a natural fit in this region due to the beautiful mountain terrain and the pastoral settings provided by the local flora. To go a step further, log home construction is also inherently greener than conventional construction, meaning there will be a lesser impact on the natural resources found in this great mountain region. The log home itself is almost entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Also, more naturally green material is used in a log cabin home than in a stick built home. Recycled and environmentally acceptable materials are a natural fit for log cabin homes. These are just some of the reasons why we encourage people building new homes in the Blue Ridge Mountains to consider a log cabin home.

The ultimate in log cabin living is to fully embrace the principles of the Leadership to Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) developed by the US Green Building Council. The LEED system measures the impact of the entire building on the environment. It is a long path to LEED certification for a home. It begins with the purchase of the lot, continues through the entire building process, and ends with the design of the landscaping. We hope you choose the darkest shade of green you possibly can when building your new log cabin home, but any shade of green is highly recommended.

Building a Home in the Blue Ridge Mountains

When building your new home in the Blue Ridge Mountains please consider building some level of a “green certified” home. There is so much great new green technology available to assist you in lowering your physical impact on this earth. Using energy saving and eco-friendly technology is a great way to celebrate your success in becoming a land steward. We hope your new home’s footprint will not only be a visual pleasure, but more importantly, a statement on your belief of and commitment to being green minded.

Once you have made the commitment to build a green home, you only have to choose what shade of green you want to be. How serious are you about fulfilling your environmental responsibility? You can let your commitment shine though in nearly every aspect of your new home–from the design and materials, to insulation and wood finishes, to the utilities and landscaping.

The ultimate goal of green building is to have less of a negative impact on the environment. In building construction, this is done though reducing the amount of greenhouse gases escaping in to the atmosphere, decreasing waste throughout the building process, and incorporating more environmentally preferable products into the home.

Some simple home design choices can dramatically reduce your environmental footprint. For example, building a home with a southern exposure and incorporating window awnings and wrap around porches into your design will shelter windows from hot direct sunlight, thus lowering temperatures in your home during warmer seasons. Using building materials such as eco-friendly sansin stain and sustainable materials like logs from a managed forest will also reduce your home’s environmental footprint. Other ideas for green building include installing a whole house air exchange system to create a healthier interior space, using innovative florescent lighting fixtures that use up to 50% less energy, and using efficient fixtures that conserve valuable water resources.

One of the hottest things about building a home is seeing new technology in action, especially when that includes using alternative energy to decrease your home’s energy burden without decreasing its beauty, functionality, or suitability to your lifestyle. The technologies for powering your house with alternative sources of energy are available to you right now. You simply have to make the decision to aspire to a greener lifestyle.