Looking Glass Serenity


Waterfalls accessible via the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Milepost Information
19.9 White Rock Falls
1.8 Mile Round Trip, Moderate. Found at Slacks Overlook. To find the trail, go across the road and walk north. Wooden sign marks the trailhead.
34.4 Wigwam Falls
Found at Yankee Horse Ridge Parking Area. Trailhead is obvious at parking area.
78.4 Apple Orchard Falls
Found at Sunset Fields Overlook. Trailhead is obvious in middle of parking area.
83.1 Fallingwater Cascades
Found at Fallingwater Cascades Overlook.
271.9 Cascades
Found at Jeffress Park. Self-guiding trail is near the restrooms.
296.4 Boone Fork Falls
Found at the Julian Price Park picnic area. Cross the bridge near the restrooms. Big brown sign will have map and marks trailhead.
316.4 Duggers Creek Falls
Found at Linville Falls Park. Trailhead found along parking lot sidewalk. Smaller version of Linville Falls found in same area.
316.4 Linville Falls
339.5 Crabtree Falls
Found at Crabtree Falls Campground. Take the road into the campground and stop at the campground information building to pick up a map. Parking area next to information building.
361.2 Glassmine Falls
Found at Glassmine Falls Overlook.
364.6 Douglas Falls
Found at Craggy Gardens Visitor Center. Find trail information at visitor center.
410 Graveyard Fields Waterfalls
Found at Graveyard Fields Overlook. Narrow stairway at parking area marks trailhead.

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