Bele Chere Street Festival


All developed areas along the Blue Ridge Parkway offer ranger led programs, special events, music of the region, or other educational programs that will enhance your family’s visit to this national park area. Take your time to investigate the specific program schedule in each area and make plans to attend! Schedules are posted each week at the developed area.  Below are some common programs  you will find.

Guided Hikes

Parkway rangers offer guided hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Each hike of the week provides an up close and personal experience with the park service and the resources the Parkway offers that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t go on a guided walk with one of the rangers. The ranger who organizes each hike determines its theme, which can range from natural resources to cultural history.

You will need to contact the local ranger offices for each Parkway district or watch the National Park Service website for upcoming ranger hikes.  Please note that not all of the ranger-led hikes are posted on the NPS website.

Other Area Event Calendars

Host organations, major chamber of commerces, state agencies, major newspapers: